1.Super large aggregate bin rated at 10 m3;

2.Independent engine adopting Donfeng-Cummins4BTA3.9-C130 rated 96KW for a more reliable power output

3.Hydraulic driven power system adopting the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and other components from Italy, USA and Switzerland to improve the working performance and reduce the fault rate.

4.Micro-computer system adopting Simens PLC to make the operation automatic in a simple way

5.Full-digital measurement adopting Germany flowmeter to measure the usage volume of bitumen, water and additives precisely.

6.Continuous mixing tank with 2 axles to mix the bitumen mixture uniformly. The blades of the mixer are made of wear-resistant steel in a long life.

7.Mechanical widen spread box in a hollow spiral structure will help to mix the slurry again before it is paved onto the road. The spread width can be adjusted to fit the different road construction needs.

8.High-pressure cleaning divide is the most advanced cleaning water pump to clean the equipment in an easy step after the construction.

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