Performance Feature

This asphalt tanker has the following features compared with common asphalt tanker: 
1. It adopts the form of semitrailer traction, axle with large tonnage, emergency brake valve, ABS antilock braking system to greatly increase the safety and stability during the moving process. 
2. Adopt reliable external lighting and optical signal device, with normal light routing and reasonable layout. The relevant national standards are completely met to guarantee the driving safety to large extent at night and in other road condition.
3. The automobile body is equipped with 220V external power receptacle and all heating and control can be completed in the trailer to achieve the dependent work for trailer and tractor. 
4. Adopt double U pipe and to heat auto-ignite burner to increase the heating area and the productivity. 
5. The tank body adopts multiple washboard structure to effectively prevent the impact from hot oil and solve the problem of centrobaric drifting. 
6. The section of tank is oval, taking full advantages of passage area of vehicle traveling and make the center of gravity low to achieve good stability.
7. Its tank has rock wool insulation layer with the thickness of 100mm and a temperature drop £¼1¡æ/h.
8. There are two burners to heat and the heating rate is faster, with average heating temperature >10°C/h.
9. Mating electrical apparatus control system controls the heating process, which is easy and simple to handle, safe and reliable. 
10. The tank body is stainless steel shell, which is beautiful and easy to clean.

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